Operating Instructions

Table of Contents

1 Introduction to the data acquisition system

What's what

Biomet sensor packages

Optional items

2 Assembling the system

Initial assembly

Installing power and ground wires for components

Installing data cables

3 Connecting sensors

Connecting sensor wires for the Basic Package

Connecting sensor wires for the Standard Package

Connecting sensor wires for the Premium Package

4 Connecting to and configuring the system

Connecting to the biomet system

Connecting the biomet system to the EC system

5 Installing sensors in the field

Field installation

Mounting the enclosure

6 Viewing and evaluating data

The relationship between variable label and sensor position

Viewing live data from the instruments

Viewing data in FluxSuite

Copying data files from the SmartFlux System

Viewing logged data

Viewing processed data from the EddyPro output

Evaluating long-term data in Tovi® Software

7 Troubleshooting

DRM or DAqM LED indicators

Sensor or system power cycles continuously

Biomet data not in eddy covariance data files

Logged data values are implausible for one or more sensors

DRM will not power on when connected to main power supply

DRM will not power on when powered from backup battery

DRM power out is not working (POWER IN LED lights up, but Vx Power LEDs do not)

SDI-12 console not responding, responding slowly, or responding incompletely to queries

Problems connecting and pushing/pulling a configuration (no system identified)

8 Maintaining the data acquisition system

Sensor maintenance

Updating software

Replacing the DRM fuses

Replacing the backup battery fuse

Loading a DAqM calibration file

9 Blueprint Utility software reference

Menu items

Connect screen

Blueprint Utility configuration files

Blueprint Utility workspace actions

Keyboard shortcuts

Verification tests

Configuration items

SDI-12 Console

Tools menu

General settings

10 Programming examples

Data Acquisition Module

Data Retention Module

SDI-12 soil probes (HydraProbe)

Soil heat flux plates (Hukseflux)

Tipping bucket rain gauge (TR-525M)

Soil temperature thermistor (LI-COR 7900-180)

Propeller anemometer (R.M. Young Wind Monitor)

A Overview of SDI-12 commands

Anatomy of a command

Supported commands

Parameter set and letter designators

B Backup battery power management
C Legacy biomet packages
D Networking considerations
E Specifications

Instruction Manuals

Using the Data Acquisition System for Biomet Sensors


Instruction manual for the Data Retention Module, Data Acquisition Module, EddyFlux System Enclosure, and accessories.