Operating Instructions

Table of Contents

1 Getting started

What is the LI-8100A?

Useful software

What's what


The measurement cycle

Theory of operation

2 Initial setup

Get connected

Connecting directly over Ethernet

Connecting over a local area network

Connecting to a computer over wireless

Connecting with iOS version 8.4.1 and older

Connecting with the TP-Link Wireless Router

Exploring the analyzer control unit

Using soil collars

More details on the survey chambers

More details on the long-term chambers

Tips for using the 8100-104C clear chamber

3 Making single-chamber measurements

An indoor tutorial

An outdoor tutorial

Survey measurements checklist

Automatic restart function

Using the auxiliary sensor interface

Tips for success

4 Overview of the LI-8150 multiplexer

What's what

Optional accessories

How it works

Using the AC-to-DC power supply

LI-8100A and LI-8150 cable connections

5 Using the multiplexer

Do this first

Multiplexed measurement tutorial

Long-term measurements checklist

Connecting auxiliary sensors

The leak test

6 Transferring data from the LI-8100A

Transfer data over a serial, USB, or network connection

Transfer data from the CompactFlash card

About data files

7 Calibrating the LI-8100A

Carbon dioxide and water vapor gas standards

Setting the zeros

Setting the span: Carbon dioxide

Setting the span: Water vapor

Two point span

8 Troubleshooting

System will not power on or powers on incompletely

Connection and communication problems

Chamber issues

Measurements stop immediately after starting

Data and measurement issues

9 Maintenance

Analyzer control unit maintenance


6400-03 batteries

Cleaning the optical bench

10 cm survey chamber maintenance

Replacing the bellows on the 10 cm chamber

20 cm survey chamber maintenance

Replacing the bellows on the 20 cm chamber

Long-term chamber maintenance

Replacing the shaft seal assembly

Changing the clear and opaque chamber bowls

Multiplexer maintenance

10 Customizations and other applications

Trace gas flux measurements

Flask measurements

Profile measurements

Trace gas sampling kit

Chamber control kit

The GPS accessory

XML communication

Logging data to a computer

Making soil collars

A Specifications

Mobile device requirements

Analyzer control unit

10 cm survey chamber: 8100-102

20 cm survey chamber: 8100-103

Survey and single-chamber accessories

LI-8150 Multiplexer

B Software compatibility table
C Pin assignments
D References

Instruction Manuals

A Quick-start Guide to Survey Measurements


Shows how to connect with a computer, iOS, or Android device and configure a survey measurement.

Using the LI-8100A


Comprehensive instruction manual to operate the LI-8100A.

CO2 Mapping Kit Instruction Manual


Instruction manual to use the 8100-405 CO2 Mapping Kit with the LI-8100A system.

Sistema Automatizado de Flux o de CO2 no Soloe Multiplexador LI-8150 Manual de instruções


LI-8100A Instruction manual translated to Brazilian Portuguese.