Western Blot Storage Bags

Western Blot Storage Bags for Long-Term Membrane Storage.

Western Blot Storage Bags are ideal for long-term storage of near-infrared fluorescent Western blot membranes. These bags protect blotted membranes from light, scratching, and photobleaching of fluorophores for later reprobing (detection of different targets), imaging, and documentation purposes.

Both nitrocellulose and PVDF membranes treated with primary and secondary antibodies can be stored dry for later imaging and documentation.

For blots that are being stored for reprobing, it is recommended that membranes be stripped first, and dried prior to storage.

Western Blot Storage Bag Specifications

Each pack contains 40 resealable foil pouches (13.3 x 20 cm) for convenient storage of 11.4 x 16.5 cm membranes.

Western Blot Storage Bag

Selected P/N: 929-95100



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